This was made especially to a group that recently won the world and we are very proud to be fans of them. James, Carlos, Logan and Kendall...follow us.


You do that for YOUR FRIEND?

A son asks his mother:

- Mom, can I go to the hospital to see my friend?

He is sick!

- Sure, but what he has?

son, with his head down, says:


The mother, furious, says:

And you want to go there for? watch him die?

The son gives his back and goes.

Hours later he comes back red from crying, saying:

- Oh mother, was so horrible, he died in front of me!

The mother angrily:

- And now? ‘re happy? worth it seeing that scene?

one last tear falls from his eyes, and followed by a smile, he says:

- Much because I arrived in time to see him smile and say:

I was sure you will be here.


Friends are not just only momentoos good! .



Sentimento de espera que parece não ter fim

Se olha ao redor nada parece estar pertoPor vezes nos leva à angustia, sensação ruimPor outras a um esperançoso sorriso incerto
É bom ter saudade ao saber  que logo terminaÉ indiferente para quem não sente faltaÉ desespero ao saber que não tem voltaÉ triste para os que levam como uma sina
Saudade requer temperançaNessa  busca de preencher um vazio espaçoPode ser sanada com um acolhedor abraçoE pode ficar em doce lembrança
By; Andrea
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I love Demi’s songs… I love this song!