This was made especially to a group that recently won the world and we are very proud to be fans of them. James, Carlos, Logan and Kendall...follow us.


Quando falam mal de Deus eu faço o seguinte :

When you speak ill of God, I do this:

Você corre perigo de vida. Entendeu ou quer que eu desenhe ?
Your life’s in danger. Understand or want me to draw?
Tu perdeu a noção do perigo e quer morrer ?
You lost the sense of danger and wants to die?
Who protects God in any way repasses!!!
Hoje é o último sábado de 2011
Today is the last Saturday of 2011
Repasse porque você não vai ter essa chance novamente ;)
Repass because you will not have that chance again;)

Merry Christmas


      The Big Time Proud wish for you a merry xmas and Happy new year!

                    Thank you for support us… We love rushers!!!!

You do that for YOUR FRIEND?

A son asks his mother:

- Mom, can I go to the hospital to see my friend?

He is sick!

- Sure, but what he has?

son, with his head down, says:


The mother, furious, says:

And you want to go there for? watch him die?

The son gives his back and goes.

Hours later he comes back red from crying, saying:

- Oh mother, was so horrible, he died in front of me!

The mother angrily:

- And now? ‘re happy? worth it seeing that scene?

one last tear falls from his eyes, and followed by a smile, he says:

- Much because I arrived in time to see him smile and say:

I was sure you will be here.


Friends are not just only momentoos good! .